Manage the logistics of evangelization experiences

The Encounter software module is one comprehensive tool to facilitate in-person, online and hybrid evangelization events such as Alpha® and ChristLife™, and so much more. You can coordinate logistics, participants, and volunteers and evaluate effectiveness based on trend data and feedback.

Encounter is your answer to “spreadsheet proliferation” and disconnected tools like Sign-Up Genius and Google Forms. It also ensures that the information you gather now will be actionable in the future to help you build relationships and identify volunteers.

How will Encounter help me?

Be the host who has thought of everything. From volunteer assignments, childcare requests and dietary restrictions to seating or breakout room assignments – Encounter addresses every detail of your in-person, online, or hybrid event. You can easily create experiences where people feel like they belong and are open to encountering Christ.

As guests and parishioners volunteer and participate, each experience contributes to build their dynamic profile, giving you the insight you need to guide and encourage growth along a discipleship path.

Coordinate Alpha®, ChristLife™, or any event or retreat
Set up and manage retreats
Communicate with individuals via email or text
Assign volunteers and facilitate groups
Manage food responsibilities and budget
Plan effectively and identify trends with reports

Parish tools for evangelization

“Up to that point, we had been using Mission Pathways’ Mission Suite to handle the administration of our Alpha experiences – from registration and event management to coordinating with volunteers and tracking participants. When the pandemic hit, we started using Mission Pathways to go back and reach out to all our Alpha alumni. Mission Suite works both pre- and post-Alpha.”

Before Mission Pathways, we had 99 million Google Docs everywhere – with different sign-up forms  – and it was driving me BONKERS. That is why we explored Mission Pathways. “

Jessica Dudek, Director of Evangelization
Christ the King, Michigan

Jessica Dudek, Director of Evangelization

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