Equipping church leaders with technology to inspire and empower transformation in people’s lives.

Our relationship with Christ and desire to share the Gospel led us to found Mission Pathways.

Like you, we are passionate about our faith and active in evangelization and discipleship at our churches. We sit on our church’s leadership boards, work with organizations that offer evangelization courses, and provide evangelization and discipleship coaching.

We witnessed first-hand the frustration of dedicated staff and volunteers without integrated tools to welcome guests, guide growing disciples and identify new leaders.

Building upon on our individual experiences, we also understand the technology needs of the Church by having designed, implemented, and supported software for more than 9,000 parishes and 90 Arch/dioceses globally over the last 20 years. Together, our team has more than 50 years of combined experience providing software to the Catholic Church.

We now focus with urgency on software tools for discipleship. Using the latest innovations and proven technologies, at every stage of design and development, you and the Holy Spirit are our guides and inspiration.

Our customers are our partners and we work closely together to support you in building missionary disciples who provide increased time, talent and treasure to your parish.

You needed a solution

“I always dreamt about a software tool that could actually help us to not just manage the operations of Alpha but help us to track people. Because in the end, it’s about people.”

Father James Mallon, Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and founder of the Divine Renovation Ministry

Together, we built one

Our software is designed to help you build a thriving parish by accompanying individuals from initial encounter with Christ to become growing missionary disciples.

Using the Menlo Innovations High-Tech Anthropology® process, we continue to collaborate with parish staff, volunteers and diocesan leaders. Together we built an application that is easy to use, flexible, and powerful enough to be the one tool you will rely on for all of your parish renewal programs.

Helping our customers succeed

Mission Suite maximizes your evangelization and discipleship efforts.

Mission Pathways

Software to inspire and empower transformation in people's lives.

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