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Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your role at Mary, Queen of the Apostles.

I am Steven Antonio, the Director of Family Engagement at Mary, Queen of the Apostles (MQOA). I have been in ministry for over ten years. I love Salem’s community and the mission of MQOA.

Q: What are some of the obstacles you face in evangelizing and forming disciples?

This last year has been a great obstacle but also a blessing in evangelizing and forming disciples. The pandemic has enabled us to open a new permanent online “door.” This door allows us to reach beyond the city limits and allows our community to invite family and friends outside of Salem to experience MQOA.

MQOA has been a parish that pivots to best serve the needs of the community. The pandemic accelerated necessary changes to grow MQOA and help us be more welcoming to new people. Forming disciples online has its challenges. However, people are feeling drawn in this time to invest in their faith.

Q: What features of Mission Pathways’ software are the most beneficial to you?

Mission Pathways helps us to be more organized and pushes us to track people as they work through the MQOA Discipleship Pathway.

It is a great tool to gather and organize basic contact info and track where our guests are on their faith journey, especially if they are new to faith or a renewal of faith.

Q: Why did you decide to use Mission Pathways?

Mission Pathway approached us, offering us a trial and we were comfortable and inspired that they knew about Alpha.

Mission Pathway had the tools that we wanted in tracking our guests through our discipleship pathway. The focus wasn’t just a database but on the faith journey of our community.

Q: What advantages does Mission Suite have over how you did things before?

Mission Suite allows our guests to simply enter their basic information without admin approval or permission. MQOA did not have a registration system for the programs we offer before, but now it’s so easy to set it up and share that link via email and social media. 

Q: How has evangelization transformed your parish? 

MQOA is focused on creating a welcoming and healing space for all those interested in the Christian faith. Evangelization has changed the face of our parish; the most active people in the last few years have gotten involved as a result of our evangelization efforts with programs like Alpha.

Q: Any additional comments?

Mission Pathway’s support has been great! They are quick and responsive, able to guide or just correct in the background. They are also open to suggestions and have robust features and an update timeline that is flexible to people’s requests.


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